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Alternate perspectives tends to be a phrase we use often. What does it mean exactly? Offering new solutions to old problems? Offering new points of view where they may not have existed before? Bringing up the unpopular point of view even though it may get you smacked down by colleagues? Sure, all of those things are true to one degree or another. My hope through this blog is that we will bring up the unpopular opinion and discuss it. We’ll try and escape the traditional echo chamber that plagues marketing, PR and social media all of the time. There will be some instances where we agree with the broader population, but when we do lets work to come up with different solutions that we may have never heard or thought of before, ok? I’m starting this blog as a way to capture some of those opinions, but also to provide an outlet where we can share our ideas on PR, marketing and social media.


I am currently the Manager of Research and Online Reputation research manager for Dix & Eaton, a full-service communications firm based in Cleveland, Ohio. What does research manager mean? Well, in a normal day it could mean almost anything from social media monitoring to investor targeting to market surveillance to byline searches. Where I spend most of my hours now is with our digital communications practice, primarily with the development of listening platforms and social media monitoring. That perspective, plus my own interactions through social networks have given me (I think) a unique perspective into the world of communications.

So without further delay, let’s get cracking! I look forward to taking the journey with you!

Oh, before I forget…you can find me on Twitter and on my blog dedicated to research and measurement through my firm’s Web site.


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