10 responses to “Four Things I Learned During My Social Media Blackout

  1. The biggest takeaway is that LIFE WILL GO ON.

    Sure we love SM & use and engage until there is no end, but we can survive a day or two without it. I think a day or two off will revamp your passion and cause you to seek the ideas/opinions of the “non-SM’ers”- which can only help.

    Great post- you’re a brave, brave man.

    • Hi Evan – thanks a lot for the comment. My original intent wasn’t to reignite my passion (though it has done that)…it was originally intended to just see if I could disconnect myself for 96 hours. It worked!

  2. Nice post.

    I think it’s much easier to do a SM blackout on the weekend. You should try it during the week. I guess you couldn’t really do your job then though.

  3. Wow all the Evan’s are here today!

    I’m with Ev, you’re a brave man for going the whole weekend (especially Labor Day weekend) without SM. I’m not gonna say I couldn’t do it, because I often have to cause of other activities, but to purposefully deny myself the interaction and information would be extrememly difficult. Did you find yourself thinking about it often? Did you watch something and wonder what @csledzik would say about it? That would have been me all day!

    Good insights, hope “echo chamber” isn’t copywritten!

    • I thought about it a little, but it wasn’t something I couldn’t get to on Tuesday when I came in. Thanks for stopping by, Evan!

  4. YAY! First, apologies for forcing you to cheat on Friday…but, you know, you could’ve waited until today to clear the air. :-p

    It’s impressive how much we learn just stepping away for a few days, hm? I did it for less time than you and learned more than I expected — most importantly, like you said, I learned that life would go on without it. There’s a possibility we’d suffer slightly without it, if only from withdrawal, but we’d find something else to fill the gap.

    For me, the best part was remembering there’s life away from my computer screen. I inadvertently took a bit of a break (again) this weekend and it was refreshing.

    Okay, I’m babbling. Very nice job, Chuck. Seems like the break was good for you…I guess there’s a reason the phrase “all things in moderation” became so popular. 🙂

  5. You are so right about life going on if Twitter or any other social network were to go away tomorrow.

    I’ve found that the more we use these social media tools, the more they revert us to some old-fashioned relationship-building skills like the phone (Skype) and face-to-face at industry events. Most of the relationships I’ve developed on Twitter have lead to interaction beyond just Twitter, and although the social media tools help keep interactions frequent/real-time, the true value is in the long-term realtionships that develop. Plus, I know where you blog, ha ha!

    The more things change, the more they stay the same. Cliche maybe but so true!

    • Hi Anna – thanks a lot for stopping by and adding your opinion. I greatly appreciate it. How we translate social media interactions into face-to-face ones is the real key to this game.

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