5 responses to “How Do You Balance the “I” and “You” in Social Media Communities?

  1. Really great to hear that our #cmtychat is valuable to people and something they can take back to the workplace, Chuck.

    On that though, I think you summed it well in our chat last week and in your post here. You being you is acceptable but comes to a point where you don’t overshadow your goals but more importantly, your community members.

    It’s all about balance but I think you’ve got it down with your initial thoughts and questions!

  2. I think the “you” vs. “I” balance is found in the ebb and flow of conversation. In my own endeavors I’ve noticed that some days or weeks I can contribute my own smarts and promote myself and my personality to a degree I’m happy with, while others I’m able to focus on helping people in my community.

    This probably sounds either horribly cliche or cheesy, but a solid community will develop around people who’ve already found their ideal balance between self promotion and community assistance. People flock to that sort of teeter-totter because it’s interesting and helpful.

    Maybe I’m being too idealistic or fluffy? I don’t think so, but…what do you think, Chuck?

    • Teresa – thanks again for raising the intellectual quotient of this blog! You seriously rock! It isn’t cheesy and cliche, but I think you’ve hit on it…communities develop around people who they find interesting and generally helpful.

  3. Waow loved reading this post. I submitted your feed to my reader!!

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