2 responses to “Have We Reached Critical Mass on the Number of Twitter Chats?

  1. Hi Chuck:

    I saw Twitter statistics not too long ago that 5% of users account for 75% of all activity, and 10% of users account for 86% http://bit.ly/15Xo6j . So, it’s not surprising to see the same folks leading/participating in these chats.

    While I find the chats you mentioned valuable, I do agree with you that some of these chats could be consolidated. Also, I personally would like to see more chats around B2B, analytics/metrics, and maybe even one on weekly case studies/lessons learned. Perhaps you or I can start one some day as time allows. 😉

    All being said, Beth, Mack, Marc, Sonny and Bryan are some of my favorite folks, and I’m grateful they put themselves out there every week. Thank God for transcripts!

    • Hi Anna – thanks so much for commenting. I agree with you, there are some tremendously valuable chats. I just worry about it being overrun with chats.

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